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The Plot in You 
First Born
Rise Records

Ok Rise, we get it, you really, really like metalcore. Honestly, why else would you keep signing one clone after another of bands you already have on your roster? Regardless, at least you made this one interesting with the Plot in You. The bands heavy-hitting, hard charging Rise debut, First Born, while fairly generic, is intriguing due to the fact that it is a concept album, based on the story of a child abuse victim and the struggles he goes through in life.

The music that comprises the bulk of First Born is as you would expect – chugga-chugga riffs that go round and round, that, at times, sound a bit jilted (which is a nice touch), punishing drumming that attempts to show flashes of technical prowess here and there (though mostly it gets lost), and abrasive, in-your-face vocal work that comes across slightly more dynamic during its clean sessions (which isn’t saying much). The breakdowns on First Born are key, top notch really, proving that the Plot in You might just have the bite to back up their bark, but they can’t make up for the pitfalls of the albums other elements. And the songwriting, while tremendous in keeping up the album’s concept story arch, isn’t anything special for the most part.

First Born is decent for what it is, but in the grand scheme of things, it is an album that eventually will get lost in the shuffle, one that will just fade away into the sea of the copycat acts this scene produces on a daily basis. The good thing for the Plot in You however is, First Born shows they have the goods, and shows a promise that there could be room to grow here.

Grade: C+
Go Download: “Rat Poison”