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Best Of 00-10

Finding 17, well ok, 15, tracks to comprise Ladytron’s Best of 00-10 should not have been too much of an arduous task to say the least as, well, you probably could stick most any combination of tracks from the bands lush body of work and still sell a good amount of copies. Regardless of the track listing, Best of 00-10 is an album packed to the hilt with one great cut after another, a record rightful to serve as the bands first, and probably not last, best of compilation.

Best Of 00-10 is such a good album in fact that even though Ladytron end the offering with the duo of the penultimate “Little Black Angel,” a cover of a Death in June tune, and the closer “Ace of Hz,” a new song, these two songs get lost, and probably will go overlooked. Beginning with “Destroy Everything You Touch,” Best Of 00-10 is a career-spanning work that represents all four of the bands studio releases. From 2001’s 604 and 2002’s Light and Magic to 2005’s Witching Hour and 2008’s Velocifero, Best Of 00-10 covers all bases and effectively showcases a smattering of the bands strongest works to date including songs like “Discotrax,” “Playgirl,” Deep Blue” and “Runaway,” though honestly each and every track here is worthy of mention.   

There’s no doubt that Ladytron’s Best Of 00-10 is a thoroughly solid offering, one that should wet the collective appetite of fans waiting to get their grubby paws on the bands new long player, Gravity the Seducer, later this year. If you’re at all familiar with the work of these UK electroclash merchants, this is an album to put on your wish list. And if you’re unfamiliar with Ladytron, it’s time to get better acquainted.

Grade: B+
Go Download: "Destroy Everything You Touch"