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It’s Not Over
It’s Just Started
EMC Records
It’s summer, well not really, not actually yet. Regardless, it will be summer soon, and you’ll no doubt begin searching for bands to fill space on your late night mixtapes. While It’s Not Over’s It’s Just Started wont entirely become the new soundtrack to your summer, it’s good enough to at least be a part of it.

It’s Just Started shows a band in its not over that possesses some chops, and even though the overall product is in need of some fine tuning, it sounds as if It’s Not Over has the ability to hone their skills, and while that’s all well and good, it’s not to say that this album isn’t worthy of a listen. Possessing a sound akin to something of a combo of post-Jason Lancaster Mayday Parade and latter-day Cute Is What We Aim For, It’s Not Over bring copious amounts of youthful energy to It’s Just Started, which is evident throughout tracks like “Kiss Kiss (Break Up),” “Taking Me Over” and “Girl Like You.” The proceedings aren’t so sugar coated they’ll turn your stomach, but possess just enough saccharine to satisfy your sonic sweet tooth.   

It’s Not Over shows promise, and It’s Just Started shows the talent is there, but the band and their sound is fairly green, but with the help of the right producer It’s Not Over could do some nice things in the future – they just aren’t all the way there yet.

Grade: C+
Go Download: “Taking Me Over”