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As if you needed a reminder that Carl Palmer is one of the most talented drummers of all time, and remains one of the very best to man a kit today, look no further than Palmer’s first ever instructional and educational DVD, Carl Palmer Drum Solos, for proof. The new DVD features not only video footage of some of Palmer’s most legendary and mind-boggling drum solos, but also note by note breakdowns so you can try and play along and learn.

Two things right off the bat with Carl Palmer Drum Solos. First, if you’re a drummer, no matter how far along or talented you may be, watching these solos should make you feel inadequate for the most part. Second, this DVD is far too short. It’s understandable that as an instructional DVD that Carl Palmer Drum Solos would need to be this short so that you can learn the techniques easier, but still, it’d be nice to see more solos, like at least 100 or so more.

Carl Palmer Drum Solos offers three of Palmer’s most legendary solos from throughout the years, beginning with Karn Evil 9 with Emerson, Lake and Palmer from California Jam in 1974, and two from his time with Asia, the Heat Goes On in 2008 and Fanfare for the Common Man in 2009. With these three you get 100%, 75% and 50% speed video breakdowns transcribed note for note. In addition, you can pop the DVD into your computer and grab PDF files of the breakdowns, as well as MP3’s of the solo themselves.

Perhaps the most awe-inspiring portion of Carl Palmer Drum Solos is the Palmer Trilogy Showdown, which sees Palmer soloing on just a snare, then just a hi-hat, then his full kit. You’ll more than likely be wowed or just simply watch with mouth agape during Palmer’s snare solo. It truly needs to be seen to be believed.

Grade: A