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In the past, Becoming the Archetype’s releases have been fairly typical in terms of execution and overall substance. While they have been entertaining, no one could argue that the structures were anything other than predictable. Well, with their latest, Celestial Completion, these Atlanta, GA products set out to break the mold, and effectively cast off the shackles of genre pigeonholing. In some ways, at least, it’s a success.

Celestial Completion definitely houses its fair share of oddities, unusual sonic elements that bands of Becoming the Archetype’s ilk don’t normally deal in (besides say Between the Buried and Me), such abnormalities as horns, sustained piano refrains and jazz interludes. While it is endearing to see the band attempting to think outside the box and move beyond their previously conceived musical boundaries, these new aspects lead to Celestial Completion coming across as mostly disjointed and sometimes confusing. There is no discernable ebb and flow for the most part to the record, but the new sonic tinges do produce some memorable moments, such as the piano-fueled “Music of the Spheres,” and guitar driven “Elemental Wrath” (do not miss the solo in this tune). Celestial Completion is more often melodic than brutal, and those breaks from the heavy (“Path of the Beam”) that too effectively take away from the surefire highlights (“the Magnetic Sky,” “Internal Illumination”).

While Celestial Completion doesn’t immediately put Becoming the Archetype on the same level as other genre-shifting crossover acts like Killswitch Engage or Demon Hunter, it shows they are definitely heading down the right path. While Celestial Completion could turn away some fans of the band due to some of its aural risks and experimenting, but it’s a record that deserves a chance.

Grade: C+
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