Review Rundown 140 Or Less: Odd Dimension, Dotma, Static Cycle, Seth Swirsky, the Young International, Madlife, Omnium Gatherum, Deadlock, Kids of 88, the New Regime

This new edition of Review Rundown: 140 Or Less takes expedited looks at new releases from the likes of Odd Dimension, Dotma, Static Cycle, Seth Swirsky, the Young International, Madlife, Omnium Gatherum, Deadlock, Kids of 88, and the New Regime.

File Under: Expansive Power Metal
Odd Dimension – Symmetrical (Scarlet Records): Symmetrical really should concentrate more on epic power metal (“The Day Meets the Night”), and less on the extreme stuff (“Another Shore”).
Grade: B-
Go Download: “Light Speed Journey”
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File Under: Gothic Metal
Dotma – Sleep Paralyzes (Scarlet): Sleep Paralyzes is an engulfing affair - haunting & powerful, yet expansive & progressive. A true gothic beauty in the vein of Leaves Eyes. (
Grade: B
Go Download: “Kingdom of the Sky”
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File Under: Epic Hard Rock/Smooth R&B
Static Cycle – Part 1: Hydrate (Black Records): An intriguingly cool sound similar to that of Patrick Stump’s recently released Truant Wave EP. “Inside This World of Mine” is a standout. (
Grade: B+
Go Download: “Inside This World of Mine”
Purchase - Part 1: Hydrate

File Under: Sunny Singer/Songwriter
Seth Swirky – Watercolor Day (Grimble): Watercolor Day is an album both charming and serene, Swirsky’s provides enough saccharine to prove he has the chops to hang w/the big boys. (
Grade: B-
Go Download: “Summer in Her Hair”
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File Under: Alt-Pop Rock
The Young International – the Young International EP: A 5-song debut showcasing copious amounts of promise via lush, vibrant pop rock driven by high-arching hooks. Expect good things from TYI. (
Grade: B+
Go Download: “Gravity”

File Under: Industrial Rock
Madlife – Angry Sonnets for the Soul (RBE Music): A few songs here warrant a listen (“Everyone,” “Falling Apart”), but mostly the albums listless & meandering. You’re not missing much. (
Grade: C-
Go Download: “Everyone”

File Under: Melodic Death Metal
Omnium Gatherum – New World Shadows (Lifeforce): Finnish melodic death metal built upon grooves better than most of their American counterparts. Good tunes, it gets too drawn out at times. (
Grade: C+
Go Download: “Ego”

File Under: Metal
Deadlock – Bizarro World (Lifeforce): Male/female fronted metal not unlike Lacuna Coil, though not as sonically refined. Bizarro World shines bright during it melodic moments. (
Grade: B-
Go Download: “State of Decay”
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File Under: Sweaty Electro-Pop
Kids of 88 – Just a Little Bit (Dryden St.): 3 tracks of frivolous electro-pop w/a bit of a Cobra Starship swagger built to make you sweat on the floors of daring clubs. Time to dance. (
Grade: B-
Go Download: “SQRL”
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File Under: Alt-Rock
The New Regime – Speak Through the White Noise: Dense, powerful, sonically rich alt-rock, comprised of some of the bands best work to date, namely “Enjoy the Bitterness” & “the Skeptic.” (
Grade: B+
Go Download: “Radiate the False”