Reviewed! Twisted Sister - You Can't Stop Rock and Roll

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Twisted Sister
You Can’t Stop Rock and Roll
Armoury Records

If you’re unfamiliar with Twisted Sister’s You Can’t Stop Rock and Roll, then first, shame on you, because this release should be known as one of the definitive rock releases of the 1980’s, and second; now you have your chance since the fine folks at Armoury Recordings have re-released the effort unto the masses.

Kicked off with the recognizable Twisted Sister calling card “the Kids Are Back,” You Can’t Stop Rock and Roll is a whirlwind of not only hair and various makeup products, but also some of the finest tunes the band ever put to wax during their storied career. “Ride to Live, Live to Ride” is a rousing affair that will probably have you thinking you should quit your job, buy a Harley, and hit the open road, but in all reality that might not be the best idea. “I Am (I’m Me)” was the leading anti-authority battle cry, that is until Motley Crue got hip to the idea of rebellion. The hook is one of the best, and purest, the band has ever written.

You Can’t Stop Rock and Roll features three bonus tracks that can summed up pretty much in one word – fun. The trio of “One Man Woman,” “Four Barrel Heart of Love” and “Feel the Power” doesn’t take too much aural involvement on the listener’s part, though they are worth checking out.

If you only recognize Twisted Sister from seeing the swirling hair and rosy cheeks of outspoken frontman Dee Snider smattered across MTV, ok, VH1 Classic, you’re surely missing out, because You Can’t Stop Rock and Roll is the mighty Sister in all their rock and roll glory.

Grade: B+
Go Download: “I Am (I’m Me)”


Gogmagog said…
Is this part of a larger TS reissue campaign? Like every other self-respecting rock kid, I had a well-worn copy or two of Stay Hungry back in the day but must admit never exploring the band beyond there. I gave it a re-listen recently and was surprised at how good it still was and wondered what else of theirs may be worth exploring - sounds as if I'll need to check this one out as well. Thanks for the review!