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The Sounds 
Something to Die For  

For those who thought 2009’s Crossing the Rubicon was something of a precursor to the Sounds landmark album, Something to Die For is not that album. While there will be no doubt left in your mind after an initial listen that this record indeed warrants copious amounts of merit, it just doesn’t sound like the record that will propel the Swedish indie-rockers through the glass ceiling. Something to Die For does however find the band sounding as if they are on the precipice of a breakthrough. 

Frontwoman Maja Ivarsson is the attraction here, something fans should well be aware of, and songwriting prowess isn’t something she’s known for. Well, with Something to Die For that shortcoming has finally caught up with the band. The lack of songwriting breadth definitely takes away from the record, and this time around it doesn’t exactly go unnoticed. But intricate songwriting was never this bands strong suit, and Something to Die For is a record built to make you move and make you sweat, an arena this disc surely will succeed in.

Something to Die For is a record unafraid to come out swinging, literally putting its best foot forward with the albums best cuts like “Dance With the Devil,” Better Off Dead” and “the No No Song,” a track which rides a substantial wave of catchy-as-hell dance rock, while spitting venom and spewing vitriol at the same time. Unfortunately the album trends a little sleepy towards the end, making it painfully evident that the first half of the album is clearly better than the second.

Well, Something to Die For wasn’t exactly the home run hitter many viewed it to be, but by no means is it an album to be missed. It’s good for what it is, but better luck next time.