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The Herd of Main Street
Seven Dollar Grave

The Herd of Main Street’s Seven Dollar Grave is a thick slab of endearing alt-country, one packed to the emotional hilt with storytelling fit to be told around a campfire (think Murder By Death, Lucero), and really, it’s hard to argue with the merits of a band that does things as well as the Herd of Main Street does, though honestly, this record is a little too overproduced for its own good, which tends to sap the grit out of these songs.

Though Seven Dollar Grave would well benefit from the employment of more vocal harmonies, take nothing away from the vocal contributions of frontman Pete McKibben, though Seven Dollar Grave clearly isn’t a one man show. The record excels when it is steeped in bouncy, rollicking affairs (“Pack It Up,” “July”) as well as when the Herd of Main Street temper the pace and engage in slower, touching moments (“Hanging Rope,” “End of the Line”), but keep in mind that the band isn’t afraid to take their jangly guitars out for a stroll (“Black Horse”) or fire off an instrumental or two (“Funeral Walk”).        
In so many words, Seven Dollar Grave is a good time, one that works almost as well cruising in your car with the windows down as it does blaring through your stereo speakers on your front porch as you relax in your favorite rocking chair and enjoy a tall cold one.

Grade: B
Go Download: “Black Horse”