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TV Ghost is an American psychedelic post-punk band from Lafayette, Indiana, formed back in December 2006, while several band members still went to High School. TV Ghost's original lineup consisted of founding member's Timothy Conrad Gick and Jimmy Frezza doubling up as lead singer, guitarist and songwriter, Brahne Hoeft on keyboards and Jackson VanHorn drums. They recorded their first 7" (Atomic Rain b/w Bird Flu) in early spring of 2007.

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By the end of 2007, Jimmy Frezza had left TV Ghost to pursue art school and was promptly replaced by bassist Shawn Beckering. They recorded three more records (a self-titled 12 inch EP on Die Stasi Records, a full length LP Cold Fish on In The Red, and a 7 inch on CDR "The Fiend b/w Prodrome) and toured the U.S. extensively for the next three years.

In early 2010 just a month before recording their Mass Dream album Jackson Vanhorn left the band forcing Brahne to pick up the drums and the recently returned Jimmy Frezza to take on the key boards. They spent 10 days recording the album as three piece with Brahne pulling double duty as drummer and keyboardist while Jimmy sorted out the keyboards.

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