Free Music Friday! Circle Pit - "Slave" and "Honey"

Circle Pit is and began as the project of Angela Bermuda and Jack Mannix, though their live show is comprised of a six-person troupe.  Circle Pit was formed around three years ago in Sydney, Australia.  Circle Pit's first LP was issued stateside on Siltbreeze in 2010 to great acclaim.  Circle Pit has forthcoming releases on Sacred Bones and Sweet Rot.  Circle Pit has stepped away from the tough grit of their debut to craft the two songs for this 7" release, which delve deep into a strung-out rabbit hole of lush, droning vocals and guitar layers, stretched out and slow-burning; the melodic equivalent of stabbing your heart with a dull ice pick.  Circle Pit are impossible to get ahold of.  This is the band's debut 7" for Hardly Art and features two brand new, exclusive tracks, presented as a double A-side. Limited first edition pressing is available on white vinyl.

STREAM: "Slave" and "Honey"-

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