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Katey Laurel
From Here
Roaring Twenties Records

On From Here, Katey Laurel’s voice shines bright early and often, and from the initial bars of opening cannonade “Begin Again,” to the final notes of closing oeuvre “My Funny Boy,” the Denver singer’s voice can only be described using one word – dynamic.

This album is a true vocal clinic led by Laurel, whose voice has the innate ability to come across as warm and embracing (“Everything I Love,” “the Wheel”), endearing and demonstrative (“From Here,” “Somebody Like You”), and somber, yet engaging (“Piece of the Moon,” “My Funny Boy”). Though the album might be much better than the near-shoegaze of dream-pop gem “Blue Sky’s Comin’,” Laurel hits her stride and gains steam as the album wears on, which nowadays seems an anomaly.

With From Here the backing orchestrations aren’t always consistent, which hurts the album as a whole to be honest, though Laurel is able to hold things together. On further releases, if Laurel is able to put it all together and get an air of uniformity from song to song, she will be far better off because of it.

Grade: B-
Listen to: “Blue Sky’s Comin’”