Free Music Friday! Generationals - "Ten-Twenty-Ten"

As for the duo's songwriting, it's still sunbaked in spots (the persistent piano lines of "Greenleaf," the galloping grooves of "Ten-Twenty-Ten" and "You Say It Too"), but nothing's stuck in the '60s. More like the here and now, combined with the warm, inviting vibe of classic pop cuts.

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"It's important for us to record the old way-with analog equipment and tape machines,"explains Widmer, "But we also incorporate lots of electronic elements that wouldn't have been available to someone in the '60s. That combination is our sound."

And by electronic elements, he means everything from the shimmering synth lines and spare handclaps of "Yours Forever" to the lonesome keys and lacerated drum loops of "Black and White." None of which sounds all that strange when you consider the time machine tendencies of Generationals' widely acclaimed debut album, Con Law, a decade-spanning disc that features the same producer as Actor-Caster (Daniel Black) and sounds as familiar as a stack of slightly scuffed 45s (the heated horns and heaven-sent harmonies of "When They Fight They Fight," the snake-like bass lines and steam-pressed beats of "Bobby Beale").

Generationals will drop Actor-Caster via Park The Van March 29.

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