Cinema Obscura: "Fart: the Movie"

“Fart: the Movie”

It’s a mystery to me how the creators of “Fart: the Movie” were able to get 90 minutes out of a fart joke, but somehow they did, and even though the movie itself completely drones on and on – at times becoming downright repetitive – you can’t help but chuckle at times. Suffice to say, a more apt movie title, there perhaps never has been. “Fart: the Movie” is just one long running fart joke.

“Fart: the Movie” follows Russell, a working class stiff who is addicted to farting and TV. His wife Heather hates farting, and hates that he is addicted to it and television. She wants to go out to a party on New Year’s Eve and he wants to stay home and watch TV. She leaves, he stays. He falls asleep only to wake and find that everything on TV is now fart related.

It was at this point the movie became a bear to watch. At first, the fart noises and jokes were funny and somewhat kitschy, but in time they become more a nuisance than anything else.

Regardless, back to the story.

Heather attends the party alone while Russell overindulges in TV, beer and copious amounts of food, and the jokes and innuendo continue on until the begrudging end. The end is also a feeble attempt at a twist.

The acting is about as campy and over-the-top as you can get, which is something you should expect from a move entitled “Fart: the Movie.” It is a cult-classic, though it’s hard to figure out why.