Reviewed! An American Skyline - ...Let the Story Begin

An American Skyline
…Let the Story Begin EP

It’s no small secret that powerpop bands are all the rage nowadays. Honestly, they are a dime a dozen, and finding one is like shooting fish in a barrel, but finding a quality one actually worth listening to is like finding a needle in a haystack. Well, An American Skyline is that needle.

Their debut EP …Let the Story Begin is a five song affair full of everything there is to love about the powerpop genre, though the Queen City (Buffalo represent!) products don’t allow themselves to simply be typecast as just another flash-in-the-pan, copycat act, evidenced by some moments of fresh tasting pop-punk and borderline happy-hardcore sounds smattered throughout …Let the Story Begins. Hell, the albums closer, “Meet Me at the Pink,” is a flat-out happy-hardcore riff-fest, a song befitting of the vintage Allen Street bar the band is asking you to meet them at, not to mention a song, say, Four Year Strong could cozy up to (don’t miss the killer breakdown). But the truth is, the bright and cheery powerpop fueling …Let the Story Begin shines bright throughout, conjuring up memories of Shh…Just Go With It-era Every Avenue and Runner Runner, on standout tunes like “Backseat Romance,” “Spirit Week 97’” and “Hey Jaime,” three tracks that form the infectiously catchy nucleus of …Let the Story Begin.

There’s no doubt An American Skyline seem to have a strong penchant for crafting insanely catchy hooks that will suck you in, make you an immediate fan and have you singing along in no time. There’s a good chance the good vibes emanating from …Let the Story Begin will leave a smile on your face.