Free Music Friday! The Dirtbombs - "Bug in the Bassbin," "Jaguar," "Sharevari"

Three remixes of tracks from The Dirtbombs' new homage to Detroit Techno, Party Store, are compiled on a limited edition 12" -- Gatefold Vinyl accompanied by a 16 page book (similar to a Disney story book). The A-Side has Omar S' remix of "Sharevari", while the B-Side has the Ectomorph remix of "Jaguar" and the Kyle Hall remix of "Bug In The Bassbin."

MP3 - "Bug In The Bassbin (Kyle Hall Remix)" -
MP3 - "Jaguar (Ectomorph Remix)" -
MP3 - "Sharevari (Omar S Remix)" -

Nearly ten years after their acclaimed Ultraglide in Black helped kick-start a renewed interest in all things Detroit and rock-and-roll, The Dirtbombs are releasing the de facto companion piece, Party Store.

Then end result is nothing short of impressive. The players' recreation of the sequenced, digital rhythms and melodies stems from an Oblique Strategies card pulled during the recordings ("Humanize something that is without error") and they tend to do so with a crisp, krautrock-like precision. For originals that all contained drum machines, sequencers and synthesizers the Dirtbombs takes on these pieces all matter-of-factly and use said tools only to accent what's laid down by the live unit.

The Dirtbombs ability to reinterpret is their trump card and with their work here they will undoubtedly turn a whole new audience of "rock" ears on the techno world they have ignored far too long for no good reason.

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