We Are All Creatures In Some Way: A Conversation with Chris Ceruli of Motionless in White

We Are All Creatures In Some Way: A Conversation with Chris Ceruli of Motionless in White


Armed with their debut long player Creatures, a record boasting a potent mix of dark-wave infused metal that draws from both heavy and melodic elements, packing as much punch as a loaded gun, Motionless in White is preparing to take the world by the throat. Creatures, the bands follow-up to their well received debut EP When Love Met Destruction, is bringing in droves and droves of fans, a bloodthirsty horde that is sure to show up in mass to concert venues around the country as the band hits the pavement nationwide with Escape the Fate and Alesana.

Enigmatic frontman Chris ‘Motionless’ Ceruli recently took the time to answer a few questions ranging from what he is looking forward to while out on the road, most everything Creatures related and what the band thinks of ‘the Office’ TV show (spoiler alert: MIW are from Scranton, PA).

Get eXposed Music: You’re about to get out on the road with a couple of bands you seemingly would mesh pretty well with in Escape the Fate and former labelmates Alesana. Tell what you’re looking forward to on this tour, any chance you’ll be taking in sets from these other bands nightly?
Chris Ceruli: Yeah, it's definitely an awesome thing to fit in well with the bands you’re on tour with, so we are really excited about this one. I think the biggest thing we are looking forward to every night is that these shows are looking huge, so that’s a great opportunity for us to gain exposure to people who haven’t heard our music before (or to prove the haters wrong).

GE: I would imagine it’s safe to assume the set will be heavily Creatures intensive. Are you looking forward to hitting the stage and ripping off some new tunes?
CC: Absolutely! We are the heaviest band on this tour so we want to make sure that when our set is finished, people feel like they just got their [butts] kicked and set the bar really high for Alesana’s and Escape The Fate’s performances.

GE: Tell me about your ‘Dead Masquerade’ contest.
CC: It's a contest that our record label created for fans to win prize packs of stuff from us (like signed posters/merch etc.) It's basically just giving fans a chance to design what their personal interpretation of what a "dead masquerade" is.

GE: Moving the convo back to Creatures, walk me through the recording process of that disc. How did that go for the band?
CC: It was pretty awesome to finally get to work with a producer on a record! We went into the studio extremely prepared and having him help things along was a great experience. We had some minor computer issues that set us back two days, but we made the time up and then ended up getting to go back a month later for the mixing process (another great opportunity).

GE: Aside from it being a new release, how does Creatures differ as a release from When Love Met Destruction – which was a good disc, not to sound too much like a homer?
CC: It's so much heavier, faster, scarier and overall, more [ticked off] than When Love Met Destruction. We didn't hold back a thing on this record, like we had in the past. There are so many different genres of music, all in one record. I feel like we finally did something unique to set us apart from all of these other bands that keep writing songs that sound like every other band. Our previous material was still a bit different but Creatures is definitely a benchmark of our evolution as a band.

GE: Was it at all daunting releasing your debut full length? Or was it pretty par the course and you guys were well prepared for it?
CC: We were prepared to release a full-length album because we had waited SO long to finally release one, but seeing it do so well is something that shocked us. We are usually prepared for everything ahead of time because that’s how our band works, but no one was prepared to see the reaction it's getting. We're really excited!

GE: Now that Creatures has been for a little while now, are you satisfied with it as a release? I mean, obviously the answer will be yes, but was it the record you envisioned while putting it together? And why?
CC: It's everything I wanted it to be. I fortunately had a lot of time to write it, so I got to fine-tune things moreso than bands regularly do. I am extremely happy with it. There are some really small things I wish I got to adjust, but we ran out of time in the studio. Fortunately, the small things were nothing serious and I'm really proud of what we did with this record.

GE: You guys have the ‘Dead Masquerade’ tour happening now, and you’re announced for Bamboozle this April. What else is in store for MIW and is it premature to declare 2011 ‘the year of Motionless in White?’
CC: I really hope 2011 is our year! We were shooting for Warped Tour but we aren’t going to end up doing it this year. We have another tour that’s also really big coming up, so that’s going to be a great alternative for us. I can't announce with whom yet though! Our next tour after this is a direct support slot opening for the band For Today, and we are really excited about taking our music to a heavier crowd.

GE: On a completely unrelated topic completely out of left field – you guys are from Scanton, Pa, the Office TV show is based in Scranton. Any chance you guys watch the show at all, and if so, are there any similarities?
CC: Haha! We are all 100% OBSESSED with “The Office.” We even have a song on Creatures called ‘Count Choculitis,’ which is reference to “The Office” and a testament to what big of fans we are of it. Its fun watching that show… it’s great to hear them say things no one else in the country would get, but because we live in Scranton, we know what they mean.

Be sure to make it out to the Town Ballroom February 16 to catch Motionless in White as they share the stage with fellow tour mates Escape the Fate and Alesana.