Reviewed! INXS - Mystify

INXS: Mystify
Eagle Rock Ent.

As one of the bands final performances with their original lineup, INXS: Mystify should have been better. It’s sad to watch this live DVD from INXS knowing what was to come a mere few months down to the road for troubled frontman Michael Hutchence (an untimely drug/alcohol related suicide), add to that seeing the band come out on stage (INXS: Mystify was filmed in July of 1997 at the Loreley Festival on Germany's Rockpalast) and give an utterly flat performance just adds to the overall disheartening feel. There's no doubt that the set itself and the song choices made within it are great, a set consisting of timeless classics and hits like 'Need You Tonight,' 'New Sensation,' 'Devil Inside,' 'What You Need' and 'Don’t Lose Your Head' - but the bands energy is severely lacking. INXS: Mystify portrays INXS as a band past their prime, simply going through the motions while on-stage, plodding from song to song, just looking for the finish line. As has been said, it’s somewhat sad to see really. INXS: Mystify isn’t all bad however, as the bonus six tracks from Rockpalast, this time filmed back in 1984, rescues at least part of the DVD from the muck. Seeing the then-young band performing tunes like 'Original Sin' is worth the price of admission, but don’t just run out and get it for the bonus content. You'd wish that INXS: Mystify would find the band at the top of their game like the DVD cover suggests, just too bad it doesn’t.

Grade: C