Reviewed! A Day to Remember - "What Separates Me From You"

A Day to Remember
What Separates Me From You

Hey, haters are gonna hate, and just as was the case with Kiss back in the day (well, now too probably), you either love A Day to Remember or you hate them. Looking past the fact that this Ocala, FL product is pioneering a new front in music, the bands trademark sound of melding visceral pop and face-melting metalcore (or popcore for you scenesters), ADTR gives fans and haters alike a record to love with their latest, What Separates Me From You.

Thankfully for ADTR and frontman Jeremy McKinnon, those haters exist, and 'the more the merrier' when it comes to the amount of people for McKinnon to fire rage-fueled diatribes at. And diatribes he does fire, and it doesn’t take long, as the opening seconds of 'Sticks and Bones' sees McKinnon popping off to the tune of 'I am fueled by all forms of failure.' It seems everything fuels McKinnon these days, and the more things that raise his ire, the better things are for us.

What Separates Me From You is truly an album that dance and mosh pit inciters alike can agree upon, as well as those who dabble in the occasional wall of death, due to the fact that this record backs its sizeable bark with an even bigger bite, a swagger-filled bravado more than a handful of pretenders wish they could lay claim to. Sure, the typical scene gang vocals are here, but looking beyond the obvious, this collection of songs are the most melodic the band has ever been, though sometimes it’s not all it cracked up to be as some of the material borders on unnecessary pop-punk ('Out of Time,' 'If I Leave'). But hey, you have to take the bad with the good, right, and good there is here, in troves in fact. '2nd Sucks,' 'All I Want' and 'You Be Tails, I’ll Be Sonic' provide a highlight reel of brutality, though it might just the guitar track meet that is 'This Is the House That Doubt Built' that effectively steals the show on What Separates Me From You. This tune might just be one of the best the band has cut to date, and that’s saying something.

When you're popular you're going to have detractors, and so it goes with A Day to Remember. Hell, it might be most advantageous to wish for more haters to come out of the woodwork, because this band only seems to thrive on it, and they sure do pump out kick ass music when they're pissed, What Separates Me From You is evidence of that.

Grade: A
Listen to: 'This Is the House that Doubt Built'