Reviewed! The Airborne Toxic Event - "All I Ever Wanted"

The Airborne Toxic Event
All I Ever Wanted

The Airborne Toxic Event isn’t a band without detractors. Sure, there are those who question the bands integrity and even their originality, but one thing that’s truly hard to question is their live show. When it comes to the live arena, this band just brings in, night in and night out. And even though we will have to wait until sometime in 2011 to see exactly where the band goes stylistically with their new long player, at least we have All I Ever Wanted; the bands new live DVD, to tide us over in the meantime.

All I Ever Wanted, which runs close to 90-minutes in length, intersperses various band studio and rehearsal footage and interviews with the bands performance from Walt Disney's Concert Hall last December, which, obviously, is the main meat and potatoes of All I Ever Wanted. There's a chance that the switching back and forth between the interviews/rehearsal footage and live performances could eventually wear on viewers throughout, and while it does perhaps help to askew the ebb-and-flow of All I Ever Wanted, there's no denying the energy in the room on this night in their hometown is palpable, as the fans in attendance were treated to a dandy of a show, one that included some of the bands better cuts like 'Gasoline' and 'Sometime Around Midnight,' as well as 'Innocence.' The bands take on 'the Book of Love' by the Magnetic Fields is immediately endearing as frontman Mikel Jollett dedicated it to his grandmother, who passed away about a week before the show. And speaking of covers, the Airborne Toxic Event also fervently tackle the Ramones 'Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio?' which provides one of the more highlight-worthy and surprising moments during the set.

Basically, if you're interested in the Airborne Toxic Event but have yet to witness them at your favorite local venue, All I Ever Wanted is a must-own. If you have seen ply their trade on the big stage, then All I Ever Wanted becomes borderline must-see, though you know what you're getting from the outset. Either way, enjoy.

Grade: B