True Widow Signs to New York-based Kemado Records

True Widow, the Dallas-based co-ed trio known for creating hauntingly beautiful heavy music, have signed to New York-based Kemado Records with an eye on a March 2011 release.

The band, comprised of singer/guitar player DH Phillips,singer/bass player Nicole Estill and drummer Slim Texas, have described their music as "stonegaze" while numerous outlets have offered their take on True Widow's slowcore-meets-rock hybrid. AOL Spinner described the band's music as "morphine-induced melodies dripping with haunting, heartfelt lyrics...," Punk News said True Widow does "to Autolux what Black Sabbath did to metal" and hometown weekly, The Dallas Observer, described the band's self-titled 2008 debut as simply "incredible." Retail supporters, Aquarius Records, enthusiastically shared these words with their customers, "Every song here is practically perfect, and each one segues seamlessly into the next, the sort of record where you don't just remember the melody or the lyrics, but which songs comes next, and how long the pause between songs is, the sound just so hypnotic and mesmerizing, a sort of lyseric doom pop, a druggy post rock, but the thing is, none of that really explains how addictive these songs seem to be. Literally, from the moment we first heard this record, we have not been able to stop listening to it."

True Widow joins The Sword, Saviours and Xasthur on Kemado's burgeoning roster of heavy music.