Reviewed! Twisted Sister - "Live at Wacken the Reunion"

Twisted Sister

"Live at Wacken the Reunion"
Eagle Rock Ent.

They've long been dismissed as a joke, often included in conversations as one of the biggest gimmick bands in the history of music, let alone metal music, though upon further investigations, beneath the big hair and makeup, one could easily discover that Twisted Sister actually have merit as a rock band, evidence of which is presented here on the band’s latest DVD offering, "Live at Wacken the Reunion."

It may have been the commercial media at large that killed Twisted Sister's credibility, or perhaps it was the bands own doing, led by the over-the-top antics of enigmatic frontman Dee Snider, but if you take the time to listen a little closely, you'd see the band has some good songs to their credit, a slew of, if not all, you'll hear performed live on "Live at Wacken the Reunion." Crowd favorites, and ultimate bar jukebox classics like 'We're Not Gonna Take It' and 'I Wanna Rock' ignite the appreciative crowd into a literal frenzy as the band attacks those timeless hits with a new found zeal, but those aren’t the only two songs worth noting here. "Live at Wacken the Reunion" also houses some of the bands more unheralded works (well, unheralded in the eyes of MTV and the like), songs like 'S.M.F.,' 'the Kids Are Back' and 'Stay Hungry,' all three of which add to the overall grandeur of the day's performance. sending shockwaves through the crowd via seemingly endless guitar licks and shreds.

Though "Live at Wacken the Reunion" is offered up in full screen format (for one reason or another, who knows), it doesnt take away all that much from the overall product. Sure, it would have been better presented in widescreen; the footage still speaks for itself. And speaking of footage, while the live portion of the "Live at Wacken the Reunion" DVD is worth watching over and over again, it’s the behind the scenes, almost behind the music type interviews that make this DVD as good as it is. Each member of the group sit down for one-on-one interviews in order to shed light on the bands break-up, the bad feelings between members, the idea that the band would never play together again, and what it took to get to their reunion.

As for bonus content, what you'll get is a collection of stills from the New York Steel Benefit show and a featurette showing the rerecording of some choir choruses for the "Still Hungry" LP. But above all else, you'll get a live CD, offering 11 tracks. A little more bang for your buck.

In short, "Live at Wacken the Reunion" may just be the best live representation of Twisted Sister, ever.

Grade: A