Reviewed! Sirens and Sailors - "Still Breathing"

Sirens and Sailors

“Still Breathing”

Rochester, NY’s Sired & Sailors are ‘a breath of fresh air’ according to their MySpace bio, and for as hackneyed and tired sounding, not to mention a tad bit ostentatious, a statement as that is, you can’t fault the boys for being right. With their latest full length “Still Breathing,” the Steel City quintet proves they are just that – a breath of fresh air – in spades, through their tried and true, not-quite-so-blueprint metalcore sounds.

“Still Breathing” is a jolt to the system, a heady reminder of why those of us who jam out to this type of controlled chaos were drawn to the now oft-maligned genre initially, and for that these guys should be commended. Though the album starts out somewhat uneventfully (‘Someday Never Comes’), it isn’t long before Sirens and Sailors begin to fire on all cylinders, full speed ahead. From here on in, all bets are off as “Still Breathing” chugs on like a concrete slab, firing off one tasty guitar riff after another, tossing in perfectly implemented gang vocals to add a bit of an old-school vibe to the affair (‘Tough Luck,’ ‘Birthday Parties for Puppies’), and for those that err on the melodic side of things, the record offers those moments for you as well (‘Our Design,’ ‘Now That Its Over’). But perhaps the best is truly saved for last here, as the closing tandem of the penultimate title track and ‘Jaunt!’ cap off “Still Breathing” with enough vim and vigor to make you want to start things all over again for another go around.

This record is an emphatic statement for Sirens and Sailors, but more so its evidence that these guys are ready to ply their trade at the next level.

Grade: B+
Go Download: ‘Now That It’s Over’