Reviewed! Rush - "Classic Albums: Rush - 2112 & Moving Pictures"

"Classic Albums: Rush - 2112 & Moving Pictures"
Eagle Rock Ent.

Rush is back at it, again making waves in the music industry this year. From the release of the bands first documentary ('Beyond the Lighted Stage'), a new sold-out tour and 20th studio release on the way ('Clockwork Angels' being tentatively released next year), it appears as if the band is again relevant. And on top of all that, the vaunted "Classic Albums" series steps in and shines the spotlight on two of the bands best works, 1976's "2112" and 1981's "Moving Pictures."

"Classic Albums: Rush - 2112 & Moving Pictures" is every bit as good as you'd imagine it to be, and given the material on which it is based, how could it not be. "2112" and "Moving Pictures" albums that surely fit the bill as classics, and seeing all of these songs and these indelible moments in time revisited is vastly enjoyable. One of the more memorable interview segments of the multitude included on "Classic Albums: Rush - 2112 & Moving Pictures" is Neil Peart discussing just how the band was able to change as the music business itself changed, and how that change helped mold the recording and writing process of "2112." Long-time band manager Ray Daniels also chimes in to explain how "Moving Pictures" was a pivotal release for the band in terms of shaping their entire future.

The bonus content spans just around 54 minutes consisting of basically interview material and footage that didn’t make the cut so to speak, and while it was scooped off the cutting room floor (literally), a number of topics discussed aren’t to be missed, including Peart discussing his reasons for penning 'Red Barchetta,' and what lead to the band putting together the '2112 Overture.'

"Classic Albums: Rush - 2112 & Moving Pictures" is not only a must-own for Rush fans, it’s a must-own for music fans everywhere, plain and simple. Chances are you've spent a fair share of time grooving to one or more of these classic tunes at some point. Go buy this DVD.

Grade: A