The Learning Curve: Red Theory, Earth Note Syndicate, Kersera, Zac Seif, Wayward

Here are five new bands to sink your teeth into, and they should quench your thirst for new music no matter genre – rock, metal, emo, singer/songwriter, etc. You know the deal by now - enjoy!

Red Theory (
Hail from: Providence, RI
Label: Anawan Records
Sounds like: Mudvayne, the Deadlights, Taproot
You should be listening to: "Red Theory"
I Should Care Why?: I If you know anything about music, you know nowadays good rock bands are to come by. Now, don’t get me wrong – there surely are enough of them to go around but not many of actual substance. Red Theory falls into the ‘good rock band’ category, due in part to the talents of vocalist Chuck DiAntonio. He is one of those guys that sounds as good singing as he does screaming and growling, but that’s not to completely take away from guitarist Jeff Perry who can totally shred.

Earth Note Syndicate (
Hail from: Washington, DC
Label: Unsigned
Sounds like: Incubus, Boy Hits Car, Deftones
You should be listening to: Assorted MySpace songs
I Should Care Why?: Every member of this band is good at what they do. Vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Nate Jurassic has a vocal bravado reminiscent of 311’s Nick Hexum while the bass work is so good the comparisons could probably be endless. Throw in excellent guitar work and pace setting drum work and you have the very core of DC’s Earth Note Syndicate’s blend of rock, funk, punk, surf and garage rock. A lot of people have told them they sound like Incubus, and that’s not a bad association to hang your hat on.

Kesera (
Hail from: Brunswick, ME
Label: Unsigned
Sounds like: Pantera, Lamb of God, Darkest Hour
You should be listening to: Assorted MySpace Sounds
I Should Care Why?: Kesera tries WAY too hard to try and sound like Pantera, which is something they shouldn’t really force, but allow to happen naturally. They are good enough besides, which should be obvious since they made it on the Learning Curve. The vocals rip and tear all while the guitar shreds, leading to both some serious chugging but also some intense metal grooves. With a little polish and shine, this band could do some damage in the underground metal scene.

Zac Seif (  
Hail from: Dallas, TX
Label: Unsigned
Sounds like: NeverShoutNever!, Owl City, A Rocket to the Moon
You should be listening to: "Capos On, Pants Off" EP
I Should Care Why?: I’m not sure how Seif’s announced transition to a full band will go, but it shouldn’t diminish the fact that this kid is talented. His vocals are soothing and thoroughly catchy, while his songwriting suggests he is well beyond his teenage years. With the right promotion Seif should find a label home relatively soon. He has the chops, now just needs a break.

Wayward (
Hail from: Reno, Nevada
Label: Unsigned
Sounds like: Hit the Lights, Halifax, All Time Low
You should be listening to: "Wayward"
I Should Care Why?: Energetic powerpop with double bass drumming? Yes, please/ Where do I sign up? And She’s Got Me (I Give In) is just the start of the charm of Reno’s Wayward. Those that know me (or pay attention to my ramblings) know that I think a lot of powerpop is immediately disposable, but Wayward has an edge, a harder edge that is. Some of their work sounds like the melodic side of A Day to Remember, something the boys should be proud of. They are one of the better bands of this ilk I’ve heard in some time and from me, that’s saying something.