Reviewed! Terrible Things - "Terrible Things"

Terrible Things
"Terrible Things"

For those who may not know, Terrible Things is Fred Mascherino’s (Taking Back Sunday/the Color Fred) newest project that includes the likes of Andy Jackson (Hot Rod Circuit) and Josh Eppard (Coheed and Cambria) in its ranks. With that out of the way, their self-titled debut is very good. In terms of overall sound, it does borrow from the book of Hot Rod Circuit in some respect, though on the whole it lends itself more to latter-day TBS, with flashes of Breaking Pangaea, Mascherino’s vastly underappreciated band of old. It is an easy record to sink into, and as anyone who calls themselves a fan of his solo work the Color Fred can attest, Mascherino has a damn fine voice – damn fine. Hell, just listen to his time in TBS and you’ll know that. The bands eponymous debut is a tremendous affair from start to finish, one that you’ll be hard-pressed not to enjoy. From the opening persistence of 'Revolution’s' pounding chords to the final emphatic strumming embraces of 'the Arsonist’s Wife,' (the delightfully subtle 'Intro' and 'Outro' sequences are also of note here), this is a record that’s built upon a sturdy foundation of exceptional songwriting, classic structures and pop receptivity. Terrible Things isn’t trying to hide from you; at times it’s steadfast and passionate, yet at others it’s vulnerable and somewhat exposed to the elements. There are no overwhelming effects or wasteful synths here - this is tried and true indie rock for those appreciate talent.