More Free Music! Woven Bones - 'I've Gotta Get'

Austin trio Woven Bones has hereby signed with Hardly Art, and now we are going to tell you about it, dammit. Fronted by Andy Bones, the Bones trio has been bonesing around Texas for the past few years. What is bonesing, you ask? Well, you'll just have to ask Andy Bones. Having previously released 7"s with Sweet Rot and Needless, a 12" on Zoo Music, and a full-length on HoZac, Woven Bones will be releasing their next 7" on Hardly Art, with a full-length coming up in 2011. The aforementioned Hardly Art 7" will be sold on their upcoming West coast tour, which is coming up in.. August! THAT'S NEXT WEEK! So clear your schedule and check the tour dates below, which also includes new dates with the Coathangers, PAVEMENT and Frankie Rose & the Outs.

MP3: "I've Gotta Get" -

VIDEO: Insound Sessions -