Free Video! Kathryn Calder - 'Slip Away'

Life is a quest. A quest to find the things that you want, and a quest to find the things that you have lost. A quest can be about the thing you're looking for, or can also be about the quest itself. These are the themes that Kathryn Calder and director Dean Tzenos wanted to highlight in the video for "Slip Away."

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Two bunnies become separated when an alien ship abducts the older of the two. The younger bunny follows the flight of the ship, while meeting others on its quest. At long last the two are re-united in the ship only to find an unexpected conclusion to the quest.

The video for "Slip Away" was a pure collaboration between two very creative minds. The origin of it was born from Calder herself. The look of it is based on the original artwork she created, which is featured on "Are You My Mother" (out Aug. 10). The characters and landscapes were collaged together, creating a world in which the album and its listeners could live. The themes of the quest for something lost and bittersweet victories are all over Kathryn's record as well.

Kathryn then looked to her trusted friend Dean Tzenos' to put these elements together and make it all come to life. Dean elaborates, "This project brought me out of my comfortable computer chair and into a musty basement of puppets, props and National Geographic cut-and-paste landscapes. It was a lot of fun because I had to create atmosphere with practical effects. We attached LED lights to our fingers for the spaceship sequences, constructed miniatures of sock puppets and made use of an iPod Touch for a robot head. We breathed life into the puppets through composition, light, and the subtle and stark movements of puppeteers."

The resulting video is unique in its look and universal in its scope.

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Kathryn Calder's "Are you my Mother?" dropped through File Under: Music Aug. 10.