Reviewed! Papa Roach - “...To Be Loved: The Best of Papa Roach”

Papa Roach
“...To Be Loved: The Best of Papa Roach”

It interesting to think of an album comprised of one band’s ‘Greatest Hits’ seeing a release, yet not profiting said band in any way, shape or form, but such is the case for Papa Roach and “...To Be Loved: The Best of Papa Roach.” There is, however, a slight caveat to this release, as the album was released by the bands former home, Interscope Records, without the bands consent, following their departure from the label. You see, Papa Roach made the jump to Nikki Sixx’s Eleven Seven Music (Drowning Pool, Buckcherry, Motley Crue) earlier this year, effectively leaving Interscope in the dust. Having seemingly felt scorned by this, Interscope just went ahead and streeted “...To Be Loved: The Best of Papa Roach” against the bands own will.

All politics aside, as far as content goes, “...To Be Loved: The Best of Papa Roach” is pretty much your standard fare of Greatest Hits releases, a release that spans the career of the Golden State band, one that includes two songs from each of their five studio releases. The album is nostalgically opened with two tracks from the bands major label debut, 2000’s “Infest” (‘Broken Home,’ ‘Last Resort’), and then followed by a pair from 2002’s “Lovehatetragedy” (‘Time and Time Again,’ ‘She Loves Me Not’), before getting into a set from 2004’s “Getting Away with Murder” (‘Scars,’ ‘Getting Away with Murder’) that fans will probably be the most pleased with due to the song ‘Scars,’ which has become one of the bands most commercially recognizable entities through the years. Two from 2006’s “the Paramour Sessions” (‘…To Be Loved,’ ‘Reckless’) and 2009’s “Metamorphosis” (‘Hollywood Whore,’ ‘Lifeline’) make up the rest of “...To Be Loved: The Best of Papa Roach.”

For one reason or another, there aren’t more ‘hits’ on this record, something that more then likely speaks more to the label deciding to toss in two acoustic tracks (‘Scars,’ ‘Had Enough’), a live song (‘Forever’) and b-sides (‘Just Go (Never Look Back)’), here marketed on “...To Be Loved: The Best of Papa Roach” as previously unreleased, though the track itself has been around since 2004, when it was leaked to the internet during the “Getting Away with Murder” recording sessions. ‘Caught Dead’ previously released as an iTunes exclusive only track, is the other such b-side on “...To Be Loved: The Best of Papa Roach,” taken from the Tour only edition of “Getting Away with Murder.”

But again, it’s impossible to blame any modicum of this album’s shortcomings on the band.

As far as “...To Be Loved: The Best of Papa Roach” goes, you’re better off listening to the band (who have been steadfast as of late in informing their fans not to buy this record because “they making no money off of the album's sales”) and passing on this record entirely. On top of the fact that it isn’t that good to begin with, you’re not helping Papa Roach by going out and buying a copy, so don’t, easy enough. Forget about this release and keep a look out for the bands upcoming release, “Time for Annihilation,” which should street at the end of August.

Grade: D
Listen to: ‘Broken Home’