Free Music! Kathryn Calder - 'Arrow'

Hot on the heels of the overwhelming response to the song "Slip Away" (which caused her website to crash not only once, but twice due to the heavy traffic), Kathryn Calder is releasing yet another MP3 gem for the public. The haunting "Arrow" further illuminates the depth and range of her debut solo album, Are You My Mother?

MP3: "Arrow" -

One might find it shocking given the weight and development of the song that it was recorded in one short day, but paradox seems to be a classic trait of Calder's. Musically, "Arrow" captures the dream-like feeling of childhood, but the lyrics are bittersweet, reflecting "that inevitable turning point in life when you realize that sometimes you're on your own to figure it out."

Kathryn Calder's "Are you my Mother?" drops through File Under: Music Aug. 10, 2010.

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