Big Hit Management Adds New Blood

NEW BLOOD is Jordan Peterson (Too Pure To Die), Jay Reason (The Distance, Voice Of Reason, Blackened) and Austin DiSalvo (On Fire Booking).

Big Hit Management may be one of the newest management firms around just forming some months ago, however experience wise in the music industry goes back twenty years. Formed by John Wylie (Eulogy Records), Cliff Wiener & Alex Kenny (567 Records, x1981x and Royal Family Clothing) the firm formed with the mission as Wiener states "to help young bands achieve goals while helping them learn and understand the business side of things with guidance we never had when we started doing this." Part of that mission was recruiting young managers from within other areas of the industry who had firsthand experience of bands. Big Hit announces the addition of managers Jordan Peterson, Jay Reason and Austin DiSalvo.

Peterson is best known as the guitarist for metallic hardcore heavyweights, Too Pure To Die. Speaking on his motivation for joining he says "In 10 years of touring and working on my own bands career, I want to take the things I learned and help young bands that I believe in. I believe in this firm because it is all up and coming managers that have toured firsthand or helped bands tour and know how to build up a band from the ground up."

Reason is a veteran of the hardcore and emo scenes fronting such bands as Voice Of Reason, The Distance and Blackened an experienced industry insider working many years as label manager of Stillborn Records. Speaking on his experience Reason says : "I come from a good balance between the label and band world. Over the years I have actively helped bands transition from the local scene, to full time touring, getting signed and releasing albums. A majority of the bands I have worked with have gone on to be heavy contenders in the hardcore / metal scene. I feel right now is the best time for me to step in and manage artists full time as I can really offer a wealth of knowledge after being through the many stages of the music scene and the industry."

DiSalvo has built up a name for himself as a show promoter, for the past year working with Kenny as On Fire Booking. Kenny impressed with DiSalvo's resourcefulness convinced him to give management a try six months ago, DiSalvo says "I catch on to things very quick and put 110% into everything I do. Artists who come to Big Hit Management can expect nothing less than the most professional service and tools available. I make myself available to my bands 24 hours a day."

Peterson's first project with Big Hit is the band Stand United ( from Des Moines, IA. Peterson has signed the band to Eulogy Recordings and co-produces their upcoming full-length to be released in September of this year. The band is confirmed to play some midwest shows with Attack Attack! and Stick To Your Guns and expect to announce a full tour for August shortly.

Reason's initial projects for Big Hit include Hate Your Guts ( who are releasing their full-length Bastards Disease on Eulogy Records June 22nd. The group will be touring with indie hiphop star, Cage on the Captain Bumout tour this summer.

The Tired And True ( will release their full-length Scenarios on Eulogy July 6th. Summer touring plans include runs with Lions Lions and We Still Dream. On the horizon a full-length from Cardboard City member,emcee Timmy Wiggins ( who will also take part in the Cage Captain Bumout tour this summer. The forthcoming album will include production from F. Sean Martin (Cage Kennylz, Motion Man).

DiSalvo brings two bands to the firm including Hope For The Dying ( which is a Metal/Progressive band from Jonesboro, IL signed to Strike First Records. The band is currently writing their second full-length album and will appear at this summer's Cornerstone Festival. The second band is Before We Sleep ( a post-hardcore/screamo unit from West Palm Beach, FL who plan to start recording new material shortly.

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