Reviewed! Wrench in the Works - "Decrease/Increase"

Wrench in the Works

While Wrench in the Works latest release, "Decrease/Increase," isn’t exactly Living Sacrifice, quoting scriptures verse for verse, in terms of Christian metal songwriting (let’s face it, who is?), the album, and the band, for that matter still have something to say. Now, while that message may not be immediately clear upon listening to the bands intense sonic salvo, one glance at the liner notes & lyrics shows the band stands for something, something we can all rally behind, namely the track 'Project AK-47.' The song is based on the work of the Project AK-47 ministry, who save the lives of children soldiers worldwide through donation. "Decrease/Increase" is a mixed bag of cacophonous sound, bringing to mind bands like God Forbid, Scarlet, skycamefalling & Drowningman, to name a few, via freight train-like blast beats, supreme percussion & near non-stop ear-shredding riffing. The record rarely lets up, but when it does ('Vows (I Must Decrease),' 'Vows (He Must Increase)'), these moments of clarity offer glimpses into just how technically precise Wrench in the Works are. On the downside, one pitfall to "Decrease/Increase" is if you’re not paying attention, you’re going to get yourself lost. Unfortunately the band doesn’t do themselves much good in the way of sonic diversification, so it gets harder and harder to discern your location on the record if you’re not vigilant and alert. Still, it’s a quick and concise listen, one fans of the genre, or the afore mentioned bands, will enjoy. (
Grade: C