Reviewed! Kingdom of Sorrow - "Behind the Blackest Tears"

Kingdom of Sorrow
"Behind the Blackest Tears"

Kingdom of Sorrow isn’t always greater than the sum of its parts, seeing as how those parts include Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) and Kirk Weinstein (Crowbar/Down), and the bands’ latest, "Behind the Blackest Tears," proves that. The album is imbued with a hard driving onslaught of face shredding metal that impeccably combines elements of hardcore, thrash, Southern and sludge, one that begins immediately upon pressing play, and doesn’t end until the record finishes. The opening track, 'Enlightened to Extinction,' flat out reaches up and grab you by the throat, and if you weren’t ready to give "Behind the Blackest Tears" your full attention, you better be now. This song sets the table for the record, thusly playing the role of sonic harbinger, but by the second offering, 'God’s Law in the Devils Land,' you’ll have a pretty good understanding of what KoS and "Behind the Blackest Tears" are all about. This record doesn’t stray too far stylistically, consistently using the same set of ingredients and pulling from the same recipe, but it honestly doesn’t get too repetitious by doing so. And sure it’s going to sound like Hatebreed with Jasta fronting, but when it’s executed as well as "Behind the Blackest Tears" is, who cares? With only their sophomore release, Kingdom of Sorrow sounds more than a mere side project, an idea, no offense to the duo’s full time gigs, that should be pretty easy for the metal community to get behind. (
Grade: B