Reviewed! Volbeat - “Live: Sold Out” DVD

“Live: Sold Out” DVD
Mascot Records

There’s an old saying that goes ‘if you’re going to do something, do it right the first time,’ a thought Volbeat must have had in the back of their minds when the idea of the “Live: Sold Out” DVD was being tossed around. This DVD follows the Danish metallers first soiree into European mega-festivals like Wacken, With Full Force and Summer Breeze from back in 2007 during the tour cycle for their tremendous “Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil” album, as well as some intimate club dates along the way in which you’ll see the band perform in front of a few hundred people. All in all, ten shows and festivals are chronicled for your viewing pleasure, which should be more than enough, and if it isn’t, watch it again, and again, and again and again.

No matter what your favorite Volbeat tune, you’ll get it here (‘Rebel Monster,’ ‘Sad Man’s Tongue,’ ‘Pool of Blood’), well, that is unless your favorite song is ‘Say Your Number,’ in which case you wont see it for one reason or another. Regardless, there’s enough material here to help mask that glaring omission.

And contrary to what the DVD’s title would suggest or have you think, that’s just the first part.

The first DVD of “Live: Sold Out” gives you access to Volbeat in the live arena, and the second brings you backstage and onto the bus through a two hour documentary with in-depth profiles of each band member as well as the band’s crew members. There are also the usual fans interviews mixed in, as well as some quality tour antics and hilarity that you really are only going to see on this DVD. These boys like to enjoy a cocktail or three and have a good time, something that you should realize pretty quickly when you turn on this disc.

If you’re thinking about getting your hands on a copy of “Live: Sold Out,” just consider this – it is nearly 4 hours in length. Yes, 230 minutes of straight up, locked and loaded Volbeat mayhem. It’s nearly twice as long as other releases of its kind, so you know the band aren’t going to let you down or let you leave unsatisfied.

It’s been a great ride for the band as they ascend to the top, and with “Live: Sold Out” you’re right in the passenger seat along for the ride. Well, or the backseat if you don’t like to sit in the front. Either way.

Grade: A