Reviewed! All Time Low - "Straight to DVD"

All Time Low
“Straight to DVD”

Boy does All Time Low know how to party. No wait; make that put on a great live show. No, come to think of it, party works better here. Well, either way you look at it, these boys surely know how to do both and “Straight to DVD,” the bands first live release, proves that. Normally the phrase “Straight to DVD” is reserved for Dolph Lungren or modern day Steven Segal or Jean-Claude Van Damme movies, but here it takes on a completely different meaning.

ATL filmed their December 4, 2009 New York City concert, one packed to the hilt with ravenous fans thirsty, and probably hungry as well, for as much ATL as they can possibly consume in one night. And what makes for a great live show? Well, first off, All Time Low, but that’s beside the point. Secondly, you need a great set list, which the band provides performing select cuts from their catalog, a bunch of hits like ‘Six Feet Under the Stars,’ ‘Jasey Rae,’ ‘Poppin’ Champagne,’ ‘Weightless,’ and of course, the bands expected closer, the effervescent and insanely catchy ‘Dear Maria (Count Me In).’ The next thing you need is crowd interaction. Yes, that is here in spades – whether it’s the crowd singing each and every word to each and every song, the band digging on each other or the crowd (well not really the crowd but still), or frontman Alex Gaskarth making his way into the heart of the audience during the final stages of the performance (‘Damned If I Do Ya, Damned If I Don’t). From start to finish, this is one of the bands best set lists and truly best performances to date in their young, VERY promising career. Make sure you’re paying attention to the bands acoustic portion of their set, the song ‘Remembering Sunday,’ and Juliet Simms (Automatic Loveletter) performance – its brilliant.
Oh wait, don’t go yet – there’s still the DVD content of the digipak set. Yes, there’s more.

The DVD is as packed full of content as that NYC venue was packed full of rabid ATL fans, beginning with a documentary that follows the band from the outhouse to the penthouse so to speak, chronicling their rise from relative unknown status in Baltimore, Maryland, to where they are today – sitting atop the throne, reigning as kings of the powerpop scene. It’s a great behind the scenes look at your probably favorite band, but that’s not all.

No, there is more. Damn, is this an infomercial or what?

That afore mention December 4 NYC concert is here in full, and would it really be an ATL DVD release without a ton of outtakes? Well, can you really call them outtakes when the band is this off-the-wall on ‘on’ all the time? Well, while that’s an arguable point, just sit back and enjoy.

All in all, the concert itself is worth the price of admission, and all of the bonus bits and pieces make the collection just that much more compelling. You’re not a real fan if you don’t own this, so go pick up a copy today.

Grade: A