Review Rundown: Bleeding Through, Becca, Dose of Adolescence, Envy on the Coast and Go Radio

This Review Rundown shines the spotlight on new releases from Bleeding Through, Becca, Dose of Adolescence, Envy on the Coast and Go Radio.

File Under: Reformed Metalcore Merchants
Bleeding Through – “Bleeding Through” (Rise): Pissed & hellbent on destruction, this is the album we all wanted Bleeding Through to release. Leaving Trustkill Records in their wake, and joining forces with up-and-comers Rise Records, Bleeding Through now seems primed to enter the apex of their career. Sure, they have always been a band that has released good music and good albums, but this eponymous release is something quite different, quite remarkable. They also left that whole metalcore thing on the side of the road somewhere between labels because Bleeding Through haven’t sounded this inspired since they streeted their stunning “This Is Love, This Is Murderous” record seven years ago. Most of the melody that garnered the band their initial fan base has fallen by the wayside, but that’s not to say they don’t spend some time on that side of the tracks – there are some melodic flourishes scattered about “Bleeding Through” (see ‘Salvation Never Found,’ ‘Divide the Armies’). On the whole, this album is a dense slab of metal, one that flat out shreds and grinds through 12 succinctly packed tracks (see ‘Anti-Hero,’ ‘This Time Nothing is Sacred’). Frontman Brendan Schieppati is in top form throughout, and you probably wouldn’t know the band replaced Jona Weinhofen (who left for Bring Me the Horizon) with Dave Nassie (No Use for a Name, Suicidal Tendencies) on guitar if you didn’t read it. With “Bleeding Through,” there will be blood. Oh yes, there will be blood, and breakdowns. Bleeding Through is a machine, and with the renewed life of Rise Records and “Bleeding Through,” there may be no stopping them now. But ask yourself this, do you really want to? (
Grade: B+
Go Download: ‘Distortion, Devotion’

File Under: Girl Pop
Becca – “Alive!!” (Sony Music): Kelly Clarkson, P!nk, Avril Lavigne – just because Becca, aka 20-year-old Rebecca Hollcraft, is a female pop singer, those comparisons are always going to be there, but with “Alive!!,” her debut release, she’s out to prove she is her own woman, something this collection of songs proves quite readily. The strength of her voice is such that, if she had appeared on, say, American Idol, there’s a good chance she would have contended, and it’s that vocal presence, that potency, that propels “Alive!!” to be a successful release. Becca is comfortable behind a microphone with a guitar in her hand, injecting a youthful attitude laden with angst (‘I’m Alive,’ ‘Kicking and Screaming’), but its instances where she slows things down and balladizes moments of vulnerability (‘Lose You Now’) that make “Alive!!” more of a complete record. It wears a bit at 13 tracks, but the Cyndi Lauper ‘I Drove All Night’ cover makes the journey worth your while. “Alive!!” is a sparkling first look at an artist we should all be hearing more about in the future. (
Grade: B
Go Download: ‘Lose You Now’

File Under: Fresh Faced Punk Rock
Dose of Adolescence – “Memories Attack:” From the onset of ‘I’m Rad, You’re Rad, It’s Been Fun,” Dose of Adolescence’s “Memories Attack” is a surefire breath of fresh air, something today’s watered down, poser-laden punk-rock scene has needed a healthy dose of for sometime now. The bands unabashed West Coast punk sound sits at the forefront, though the band does a pretty killer job infusing a lot of Orange County flavored melody into these songs, especially when it comes to their hooks. “Memories Attack” is an album that could definitely be thought of as a hook driven vehicle, but there is substance beyond these choruses. For the most part the album is built around vocalist Jimmy Ray Brown Jr.’s ever-changing, progressive vocal crescendos and waves upon waves of powerfully driving and sweeping guitars, though DOA take time to honor their fallen comrade, former guitarist Stephen Madigan, on ‘This Condition’ and ’Fall Into This,’ who’s life was taken in a tragic accident in 2006. ‘This Condition’ is admirable and a touch heartbreaking, reminiscent of say Pennywise’s ‘Brohymn,’ though much more obvious in both songwriting and execution. If you stop listening after ‘Fall Into This’ ends, you’ll be better for it because the ‘hidden’ track is just too far riddled with clich├ęs and scene pitfalls to even have been included on “Memories Attack.” Regardless, this record is good enough that the band can be afforded one mulligan. (
Grade: A
Go Download: ‘I’m Rad, You’re Rad, It’s Been Fun’

File Under: Blues tinged Southern Alt-Rock
Envy on the Coast – “Lowcountry” (Photo Finish Records): Having almost completely abandoned the pop-punk and post-hardcore stylings they’ve called their own during their career over the three-year hiatus between “Lucy Gray” and now “Lowcountry,” Envy on the Coast are back, now much better than ever, setting a path, blazing a new trail sonically, and judging by this new record, they could not be better for it. Most of the bands prior paint-by-numbers [insert comparable band here] sound is gone (thankfully), having been replaced with Southern tinged alt-rock, a sound rife with deep, deep seeded grooves that lend themselves to blues more often than not. “Lowcounty’s” stripped down root-sy zeal should bring to mind Brand New’s “the Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me,” though not all affairs on the record are slow moving prattlers, and one should have to look further than the albums opener, ‘Death March On Two, Ready?” Envy clearly still remember how to pen a catchy hook, as evidenced by not only that song, but other as well, like on ‘Headfirst in the River’ and ‘Puritan Dirt Song.’ If “Lowcountry” does indeed alienate some of the bands older fans, those people surely do not know what they’re missing. This record has all of the makings of a breakout record for the Long Island boys with an affinity for all things American South, and it should go a long way to quietly becoming one of the year’s better rock records. Envy on the Coast has done their part with “Lowcountry,” now do yours and go get a copy today. The bands ability to grow musically and mature on only their second album is something special, a quality you’ll hear throughout “Lowcountry.” (
Grade: A
Go Download: ‘The Great American T-Shirt Racket’

File Under: Textbook Powerpop
Go Radio – “Do Overs and Second Chances” (Fearless): Sometimes life’s best moments are born out of heartbreak, and while Jason Lancaster leaving Mayday Parade in 2007 might not register as heartbreak to some, to others it did. Lancaster was the heart of the band and fans of Mayday definitely missed his presence on 2009’s “Anywhere But Here.” He returns to the powerpop state with Go Radio and “Do Overs and Second Chances,” an EP full of candid pop sensibility on par with anything Lancaster has ever lent his name to. These seven songs are coated with a sustainable feel and lasting effect, something not many of the bands scene brethren can say for themselves. “Do Overs and Second Chances” is overflowing with unmitigated passion and a near unrivaled energy; the hooks are massively appealing, the songwriting is excellent, and the music, through a combination of efficient drumming, steadfast, untiring guitars, well placed piano refrains and Lancaster’s powerful and memorable vocals, is among the best in the game today. “Do Overs and Second Chances” is a record that could easily fit into most collections, guys and girls alike. Between he recently released “Favorite Fix” from Fearless labelmates Artist vs. Poet and now this EP, the soundtrack to your summer just got better. You might just have to get two radios though. (
Grade: A
Go Download: ‘Thanks for Nothing’