Review Rundown: Who Gives a Tweet? Woodhands, Hypernova, Isles & Glaciers, Doug Keith, etc.

In this third edition of the Review Rundown, Who Gives a Tweet style – we spend time with ten more records, including looks at new discs from Ayler Young, the Greening, Woodhands, Social Code, Doug Keith, Autokratz, Dirge Within, Late Night Tales, Hypernova and scene supergroup Isles & Glaciers.

File Under: Singer/Songwriter
Ayler Young – “Back in the City:” Young’s voice is great, but not all the songs live up to his vocal talents. As much Everlast as Chris Nathan, it grooves but its not great. (
Grade: C
Go Download: ‘Back in the City’

File Under: West Coast Throwback Pop
The Greening – “The Last Tibetan Midnight:” The albums retro 60s pop feel is passable, but more often than not there’s way too much going for the music to remain consistently enjoyable. (
Grade: D
Go Download: ‘Better Days’

File Under: Indietronica
Woodhands – “Remorsecapade” (Paper Bag): “Remorsecapade” is an engulfing affair; chaotic indie infused electronica that hits like a tidal wave. Hey scenesters, heres the real 3OH!3. (
Grade: B
Go Download: ‘Sluts’

File Under: Hard Rock
Social Code – “Rock ‘N’ Roll” (Fifth Season Music): Radio ready hard rock from a reinvented band with a bright future. Its real, honest & ‘Satisfied’ is the best the band’s ever put to wax. (
Grade: A
Go Download: ‘Perfect Grave’

File Under: Done to Death Electro-Dance
Autokratz – “Animal” (The: Hours): Underworld’s stamp of approval not withstanding, Autokratz isn’t reinventing the wheel on “Animal.” It’s good, not great, but nothing new. (
Grade: C
Go Download: ‘Can’t Stand Without’

File Under: Singer-Songwriter Americana
Doug Keith – “the Lucky Ones” (the Village Label): Doug Keith is endearing, his voice passionate, welcoming & “the Lucky Ones” is stark proof, but some songs aren’t gripping & fail to impact. (
Grade: B
Go Download: ‘The Lucky Ones’

File Under: Interpol Clone from Iran
Hypernova – “Through the Chaos” (Narmack): The new-wave rock soaked groove is good, but sounds too much like Interpol & the Bravery to discern itself. There isn’t much of an identity. (
Grade: C
Go Download: ‘Fairy Tales’

File Under: Metal a Decade Too Late
Dirge Within – “Force Fed Lies” (E1 Music): Apparently Dirge Within want to sound like [insert band here who’ve ran this sound into the ground]. “Force Fed Lies” is mostly forgettable. (
Grade: D
Go Download: ‘Self Medicate’

File Under: Supergroup Scene Powerhouse
Isles & Glaciers – “the Hearts of Lonely People” (Equal Vision): Powerful, progressive post-hardcore steeped in tightly wound layers of sound; “the Hearts of Lonely People” will have scenesters swooning. (
Grade: A
Go Download: ‘Viola Lion’

File Under: DJ Mix Comp.
“Late Night Tales: the Cinematic Orchestra” (Late Night Tales): Thom Yorke’s ‘Black Swan’ makes “Late Night Tales” an intriguing listen, but the Cinematic Orchestra take center stage on this DJ mix comp. (
Grade: B
Go Download: The Cinematic Orchestra – ‘Freedom’ (Fontella Bass cover)