Ours Frontman Jimmy Gnecco Releases Solo Debut 7/20

Ours frontman, Jimmy Gnecco, who gained worldwide critical acclaim for his dynamic vocals and songwriting style, will release his highly anticipated self-produced first solo effort, The Heart, July 20, 2010 on Bright Antenna through Warner Music Group’s Independent Label Group. The first single, “Bring You Home,” will go to radio June 22, 2010.

‘The Heart’ is graceful, personal, and at times hymnal. Songs such as “Mystery” and “Take A Chance” channel Gnecco’s undeniable talent as a singer, songwriter, and musician. Gnecco performs every instrument heard on the album – guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums among others – but it’s his exceptional and soulful voice that takes center stage. His perfectly controlled falsetto on “Rest Your Soul” establishes a potent sense of intimacy that he sustains for the record’s duration.

When asked about the power and purpose of his beautiful, melancholy sound, Gnecco says, “There’s enough pain out there without you going looking for it, but certain combinations of notes and chords can bring out compassion and a sense of connection in people. Happy or sad, I want to make music that makes my heart feel…a lot of this record is about me embracing my past and finding peace with it.”

It was with shape shifting alternative rock band Ours that Jimmy first made a name for himself. A dynamic and urgent outfit that would later draw comparisons with Radiohead, they soon caught the attention of various U.S. record companies where they eventually signed to Dreamworks in 1997. Their debut album ‘Distorted Lullabies’ was released in 2001. The critically acclaimed ‘Precious’ quickly followed in 2002. For the band’s third album, Jimmy teamed with friend, production genius and long-term fan Rick Rubin to create ‘Mercy,’ which they released in 2008 to critic and fan fervor.

‘The Heart’ with its elegant, plaintive tracks will be available July 20, 2010 through Bright Antenna, who signed Gnecco in 2009.

Track Listing For ‘The Heart’:
1. Rest Your Soul
2. Light on the Grave
3. Mystery
4. The Heart
5. Bring You Home
6. These Are My Hands
7. Gravity
8. I Heard Your Singing
9. Take a Chance
10. Darling
11. Patiently Waiting
12. It’s Only Love
13. Talk to Me