More Free Music! Dosh - 'Number 41' (Featuring Andrew Bird)

In setting out to create his fifth album for Anticon, Martin Dosh had two goals in mind. First: Get loose. 2008's Wolves & Wishes took a step in this direction by way of its guests - freewheelers like Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Odd Nosdam - but Dosh records are well-known for their impeccable arrangements. To wit, Andrew Bird used W&W's "First Impossible" as the rhythmic backbone for a song on last year's critically acclaimed Noble Beast LP. (Dosh has been collaborating, recording and touring with Bird since 2005.)

Dosh's second goal seemed to be in direct conflict with the first: To conceive yet thicker terrain for his already seething soundscapes. More drums. More vocals. And new to the Dosh catalog, lots of low end. Against all odds, Tommy skirts critical mass but stays organic, is never overwrought, and miraculously avoids becoming cluttered. Instead, this unique brand of maximalist, rhythmdriven post-rock sweeps lilting beauty, serious beats and even airy momentsinto its comely whirlwind.

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Dosh's "Tommy" (Anticon) was released April 13, 2010.

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