Introducting: Blkheart Group

Malus Clothing founder and long time band manager Jason Mageau, driven by an overwhelming passion for music, has started his own record label called BlkHeart Group! "I have spent a lot of time working with bands weather it be from a sponsorship/marketing side, or the management side. Every band I've come in contact with has had some sort of complaint with their label, manager, or what have you." Mageau explained. "I have taken notes and listened enough to get a better understanding of what a band wants and needs these days, not to mention spending time in a band years ago, I know what makes a band feel good. I decided in my personal encounters gone wrong, that rather then point fingers and complain about how others are not doing their job correctly, or the way I wish they would, I've just focused that attention and energy to better myself in the industry. If you want something done right, do it yourself, bottom line."

Starting a label in the rockiest music climate in history isn't an easy task but it's one that Mageau is comfortable with. "We have a pretty multi talented staff in place, and some great third party companies we are working with to ensure things are done right from the start. It is a tough time, but that can be taken advantage of, were able to see ones mistakes, and learn from them." Mageau commented. "We have secured a solid financial backing, and we don't plan to bite off more than we can chew. I feel our marketing and creative knowledge will set us apart from the rest. We are more than just a new label, we are developing our artists with special attention, due to the size of certain labels rosters, they can't afford to give everyone fair treatment. I know this is pretty cliche know a days, but in this day and age you really have to think outside the box. I also feel like others are out there searching for that 'homerun' right out of the gate, while our strategy is to get our bases loaded first."

The label's first three releases will all come from Mageau's previous management clients, No Bragging Rights, Destruction of a Rose, and I Am Cassettes, not to mention Burning Twilight, a Washington State group. "We are honored they all felt as strongly as we do about this label, and the other few we are signing are definitely not to far off from our inner circle. We are keeping it close to home in the beginning and making it some what of a family affair." The release date of the official first album is still under wraps but will be announced shortly. BlkHeart Group has intentions to release 3-4 physical albums and a few digital releases before the end of 2010. The label has confirmed exclusive distro with Hot Topic for physical releases and the albums in all digital retailers.

For more information about BlkHeart Group, visit or You can also find them on Twitter at, Youtube at, and the label is currently developing a new myspace layout which will be announced shortly.