Introducing: Dear Dad, Yours Truly

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“We pounded away at the music for hours at a time, refusing to stop until we’d captured the feeling. Music is feeling more than it is sound.” – Daniel Rayon

Promising Newcomers Dear Dad, Yours Truly have detonated the bomb they have long been building. They call the explosion the “2009 Untitled Demo”. Following the release of “Between Two Worlds” in 2008, the band fought to find a voice that the initial material lacked, launching them into uncultivated territory. Driving head on into a tone they would soon call their own, DDYT cranked the ignition and put four creative minds into high gear. The next six months garnered two-dozen new songs, each one distinct in its own right, but sharing similar qualities. The constant use of distinguishing traits allowed unique characters in the music to blossom into trademarks. Abrupt heavy to clean melodic transitions, and bone-crushing bridges became the norm and established the Dear Dad, Yours Truly sound. The verdict: hard rock.

“We did what came natural to us, and it worked.” – Daniel Cartagena

The process of selecting the right songs to record proved to be a demanding task. The band played their new material at various shows, gathered fan favorites, and let input lead to the final decisions. A five-song line-up was recorded and released, including the heartfelt ballad “Once More”, the thoroughly appealing “Lost in the Archives”, the progressive “Wanted Man”, show starter “American Tragedy, and the mainstream favorite “Saint of Sin”.

“We’ve all given a big part of ourselves to this band.” – Luke Rice

Ruled by a crunching vocal power, dominating guitar riffs, fire-fueled bass parts, and a tooth shattering drum beat, Dear Dad, Yours Truly has spawned a rock rhythm that gets your head banging and won’t leave it alone. As one crazed DDYT fan at the Cruzan Amphitheater explained, “I love them because they’re so freaking hot! They look good, play good, and make me feel like buying a ticket to the concert was absolutely worth it…” A big part of the group’s attitude is attributed to their beliefs. They define success as doing what you love and making it work for you. To the band, achievements are a result of faith in God and trusting each other in every aspect.

“Simply put, the 2009 Untitled Demo encompasses everything that DDYT is about.” – Angel Delgado

Grammy award winning engineer Zach Ziskin, who mixed and mastered the “2009 Untitled Demo” feels that the success of rising rock icons Dear Dad, Yours Truly is highly attributed to their ability to write professionally. The band calls their catchy collaboration a demo and not an album because they consider it a stepping-stone to bigger and better opportunities rather than a product. The group is looking to sign to a major label in the near future and is asking everyone to show continued support. Tracks from the “2009 Untitled Demo” are available exclusively on iTunes.