Introducing: Big Hit Management

With experience dating back twenty years in the music industry, label vets Cliff Wiener, Alex Kenny and John Wylie have joined forces to form Big Hit Management. John Wylie formed Eulogy Recordings which has released over 115 albums including introducing such artists as Set Your Goals, Evergreen Terrace, Bury Your Dead and Unearth. Cliff Wiener and Alex Kenny ran 567 Records releasing albums by Jeremy Enigk (Sunny Day Real Estate), and Further Seems Forever. Wiener and Kenny currently run the successful apparel lines x1981x and Royal Family Clothing, the latter of which just threw the Royal Family Clothing Tour, a successful 26 date national tour which featured From First To Last, Eyes Set To Kill, Confide, Black Veil Brides and Sleeping With Sirens.

Speaking on the formation of the company, Wiener said “After years of doing things with bands on the label and clothing brand side of things it seemed perfectly logical to be able to offer advice and assistance in helping bands navigate these waters from the other side. The music business has been a major part of my life and I feel like we could do something to help young bands and our group of young managers achieve goals while helping them learn and understand the business side of things with guidance we never had when we started doing this.

The company already has eleven artists on their roster including established bands such as Rose Funeral to newer artists including Lions Lions (featuring former members of Vanna, Therefore I Am and The Jonah Veil), Hate Your Guts, Truth About Vegas and Viva Le Vox. Stylistically the bands have a wide range with Viva Le Vox self described roots rock n roll, Timmy Wiggins is rugged hip hop, Rose Funeral is death tinged metal and Lions Lions is melodic driven emo tinged hardcore.

Wiener says of the roster “Lions Lions are working on a new record and will be touring the entire summer. Rose Funeral is also working on a new record. Viva La Vox will be out on the road and they have a new record that is almost finished. It seems like all of the bands on the roster are going to be doing new records and some type of touring this summer.” More info at at