Free Music! Weatherbox - 'the Bullets'

SoCal rockers WEATHERBOX are excited to announce a number of new tour dates, which includes a ten date trek with Austin’s Look Mexico. Weatherbox’s run kicks off in Lubbock, TX on May 9th and wraps up in the band’s hometown of San Diego on May 22 at Che Café. In anticipation of the tour, Weatherbox are offering a FREE MP3 download of the new song “The Bullets.”

“The Bullets” FREE download:

“’The Bullets’ is the third in a series of songs that are pretty self-explanatory by Weatherbox (the first two being ‘The Drugs’ and ‘The Dreams’) that exist outside of the theme of the other Weatherbox songs around them,” says vocalist/guitarist and Weatherbox mastermind Brian Warren. “Each are their own idea and contain their own story arc, whereas the rest of the songs are very involved with each other, lyrically and musically. ‘The Bullets’ in particular deals with three relationships, in which I played three separate roles: subservient, equal, and dominant. I have trouble escaping this kind of logic that every relationship is oppressor and oppressed, master and slave and this song is my escape from the functions in my brain that make create such black-and-white concepts. I believe it's important to liberate yourself from those kinds of ideals, and this song is how I put it plainly, to remind myself of that.”