Free Music Friday! Fol Chen - "In Ruins" Remix EP

It hit the webwaves like a virus, quickly spreading its way to the top of the charts on Hype Machine, making its rounds on blogs and creeping into tweets like an excited facial twitch. "In Ruins" is the dystopian feel-good dance track for spring, and signals good things to come on Fol Chen's sophomore release, Part II: The New December, out in early July. Kárin Tatoyan takes vocal lead on "In Ruins" - whose playful escapism recalls Fol Chen's earlier hit, "Cable TV" - as an Eastern melody rings out from a vintage Madonna-ish mélange of cutup funk, fuzz bass and tinkling ivories. The song speaks to a bleak landscape, a post-apocalyptic urban warfare, yet our protagonist finds a hope in the beauty of a lover as their face is illuminated by siren lights.

MP3: "In Ruins" (Baths Remix) -

The virus has now mutated into remixes and alternate versions by drum-n-tape newcomer Baths, the woozy chant-funk of Keepaway, the ghostwhisperings of Kárin Tatoyan and the sunken treasure hunter and Fol Chen member Julian Wass. These new strains have been collected, identified and neatly displayed for further study. This collection proves that In Ruins proves to be sexy, deadly, and contagious as ever.

Starting today, the EP will be released for free through and Asthmatic Kitty's website as part of the recruitment initiative spearheaded by the Subcommittee for Post-Adolescent Indoctrination.

Fol Chen releases "Part II: The New December" via Asthmatic Kitty July 6, 2010.

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