Reviewed! Daniel Tidwell - "Versus Video Games"

File Under: Side Scrolling Heavy Metal Throwback

Daniel Tidwell
“Versus Video Games”

On “Versus Video Games,” Daniel Tidwell pays tribute to those video games that seemingly helped shape his, hell, all of our youths, and while the argument rages on between nerds, geeks, nostalgia-heads and revivalists alike about whether or not these 8-bit theme songs should ever be toyed with, one thing is for certain after listening to this record – if Tidwell is at the helm of those recreations, we are all better for it. We are all victorious, and to the victors go the spoils, in this case the spoils are “Versus Video Games,” 14 tracks of brilliance, both nostalgically and musically, a perfect throwback to a time when life wasn’t lived without a controller in your hand, a life without consequence or responsibility.

This record is jam packed to the hilt with highlight reel worthy tracks played at a feverous clip, music worthy of any heavy metal fans ear. Looking solely at the music side of things, it’s clearly evident that Tidwell is massively skilled when it comes to wielding six strings. “Versus Video Games” is full of soaring riffs that aren’t afraid to both build up and crash, riffs that are able to construct towering waves of sound. But hey, the drum work is pretty excellent as well – fast paced, precise and technical, basically everything you would want on the skins.

The way Tidwell represents these timeless opuses is near breathtaking, almost never failing to produce something tremendous track after track. And whether it Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Playstation or what have you, “Versus Video Games” doesn’t leave many stones unturned. From the opening fury of ‘Doctor Wily Created Rock N Roll’ (Mega Man II) and the oft-overlooked intricacies of ‘The Moon’ (Duck Tales), to the closing tandem of ‘Over the World of Hyrule’ (Legend of Zelda) and ‘Super Duper Mario’ (Super Mario Bros), you’ll be hard-pressed to find even one solitary chink in the armor. It’s just too bad there isn’t enough room to talk about absolutely every track.

Mr. Tidwell, speaking for everyone, please release more albums like this.

Grade: A
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