Hammers of Misfortune Sign to Metal Blade

HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE signs to Metal Blade Records

Metal Blade Records set to reissue four albums in 2010 and new studio album in 2011 by legendary progressive metal act Hammers of Misfortune

Metal Blade Records is pleased to announce the signing of San Francisco's progressive metal outfit HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE. Metal Blade Records will release four of the band's previous releases in late summer 2010 with a new studio album expected in 2011.

"Metal Blade contacted us in April of 2009. After some back and forth we came to an agreement that will allow Hammers of Misfortune to continue making albums the way we always have: unsupervised and self-produced. Also, we grew up on Metal Blade releases - from Destruction and Slayer to Trouble and Fates Warning - so we feel pretty good about that," guitarist and founding member John Cobbett said.

"We are really happy and honored to have signed Hammers of Misfortune. I have been a huge fan for awhile now and I personally am really excited to work with them," Metal Blades Brian Slagel added.

Formed by the eclectic and versatile guitarist John Cobbett (GWAR, Ludicra, Slough Feg, Amber Asylum, Jarboe) in the late 90's, HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE started as an exercise in songwriting and making coherent full length albums making the group more of an experiment in art than your typical band. HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE is made up of some of the most talented musicians John Cobbett and co. can find. Founding member John Cobbett explains; "I set out to do it this way from the beginning. Having been in a dozen or so bands that broke up before realizing their potential, I decided that the songs and albums were the most important thing. So I formed a 'break-up proof' project that depends more on good material and strong albums than a consistent line-up."

One thing that is consistent, though, is that HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE has always consisted of John Cobbett (guitars) and Chewy Marzolo (drums) with Sigrid Sheie (keys, voice, flute) being another a long term member of the group. Bassist Max Barnett (ex Old Grandad) has been with the group for over a year now and HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE recently added Leila Abdul-Rauf (ex Saros) on guitar and vocals.

Come late summer 2010, Metal Blade Records will be reissuing the following HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE catalog:

The Bastard
The August Engine
The Locust Years
Fields/Church of Broken Glass

Stay tuned to both the band's and Metal Blade's websites for further details on packaging, pre-orders, and release dates.

Check out the band's merch page HERE for vinyl, shirts, patches, and more.