Reviewed! Hotel of the Laughing Tree - 'Old Dominion'

Hotel of the Laughing Tree
‘Old Dominion’

Hotel of the Laughing Tree exhibit a fresh sounding take on indie music with their debut EP, ‘Old Dominion,’ and right from the start the Long Island, NY products call to mind bands like Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s as well the Dear Hunter with sharp songwriting and top notch structures. Keep in mind that this is only an EP. ‘Old Dominion’ is as invigorating as it is unsullied in sound, something that should have the bands contemporaries taking quick notice.

‘Old Dominion’ is a wonderful display of controlled vulnerability and visceral emotionality. It houses a variety of sounds, showcasing Hotel of the Laughing Tree’s proclivity for diversity. ‘Old Dominion’ boasts songs flowing with an attitude soaked bounce tempered with just a hint of arrogance (‘Art N’ Economics’), as well as a flair for the sonically grandiose (‘Sunday Squires,’ ‘Old Dominion’). Most of the disc is effectively laden with tranquil works fueled by AJ Estrada’s vocally driven hooks (‘Hello World,’ ‘Mourning Glory,’ ‘Lowlands 1887’), although ‘A Sigh in the Juniper House’ is a track that doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the album. It does succeed however in offering a glimpse into another facet of the bands abilities.

This is an excellent work from a band that sounds like they have no place to go but up. It’s a subtle album that houses moments of heartbreak and elation, and even though it plays fast at only eight tracks, Hotel of the Laughing Tree have introduced themselves to the scene, and hopefully what comes next will have them here to stay for good.

Grade: 6.5/10
Listen to: ‘Mourning Glory’