Reviewed! Lovehatehero - 'America Underwater'

‘America Underwater’
Ferret Music

Lovehatehero must have read the ‘Scenesters Guide to Fitting In’ a few times through while recording their latest offering for Ferret Music, ‘America Underwater.’ Now, don’t take that the wrong way, these are some killer scene tracks to be sure, but it just doesn’t sound like Lovehaterhero. This record isn’t exhaustingly generic, but the album does end to go off in generic tangents now and again.

Nostalgic glimpses like ‘Echoes’ and ‘Too Little, Too Late (Blood, Sweat and Tears)’ battle upstart newcomers like ‘Saints and Sinners (HisStory)’ and ‘Wait To See You’ for best songs on the album, but rest assured there is a lot to like on this disc, including some acrobatic vocals and tasty guitar riffs.

These guys went from an intriguing young band to sounding processed in the matter of a few records. ‘America Underwater’ sounds more mallcore than anything; something you’d probably be listening to at Hollister while getting doused in cologne, rather than a place like Hot Topic.

It is obvious LHH took their time with this album, since ‘America Underwater’ is clearly a well-crafted album, one with huge melodies and punchy hooks. It is also an album that is better the second time through. You shouldn’t hate it initially; you’ll just need a slight period of adjustment.

Rocks like:
- Silverstein – ‘Shipwrecks in the Sand’
- A Change of Pace – ‘Prepare the Masses’
- Story of the Year – ‘Black Swan’