Reviewed! Kittie - 'In the Black'

In the Black
E1 Music

Formulaic songs, machine-like drumming, huge guitars and mostly terrible vocals - what else have you come to expect from Kittie? If you are someone who hasn’t paid attention to Kittie since their 1999 debut Spit, you haven’t missed much. As a matter of fact, the band hasn’t put out anything of note since then, and the only thing that has changed about these gals in ten years is their band members.

Kittie actually managed to maintain someone besides stalwart sisters Morgan and Mercedes Lander, that being guitarist Tara McLeod, who actually has been with the band since 2005. As you would expect, the revolving door that is the bands bass player has changed once again, this time with Ivy Vujic replacing Trish Doan. Vujic becomes the bands fifth bassist in ten years. They have also had four different guitarists opposite Morgan as many years.

Let’s face it right now. Vocalist Morgan Lander isn’t Arch Enemy’s Angela Gossow, nor is she In This Moment’s Maria Brink, although she sounds a hell of a lot better when attempting to emulate the latter, like on ‘Sorrow I Know.’

To put it bluntly, In the Black, is just more of the same. It isn’t great by any means; it’s just another Kittie album.