News! 36 Crazyfists to Release New DVD

On January 9th, 2009, 36 Crazyfists filmed their very first live DVD in their hometown of Anchorage, Alaska. The effort, aptly titled "Underneath A Northern Sky" was directed by good friend Todd Bell, who joined the band for a weeks worth of revisiting old stomping grounds, listening to stories of the formation of the band and all the antics that come along with a band who is in their 15th year and counting.

"Anchorage, Alaska has a small music scene," explains vocalist Brock Lindow. "Pretty much everyone knows each other. Growing up in here, shaped us to be aware of the beauty of isolation and creating your own self. We had MTV just like everyone else, but as people, we adapted to dark winters and summers where the sun never went down. That in itself created so many amazing rituals and memories of the season.”

The DVD will include footage of the very first 36 Crazyfists show as well as countless other rare scenes of globetrotting by a band from Alaska who has defied the odds of coming from a place of obscurity to touring and playing major festivals around the world. Along with the live show, ridiculous backstage antics and band member interviews, all the bands videos are also present on the DVD.

"There are interviews from band members sharing their thoughts on our career and all the wonderful things we have been able to experience because of this band." continues Lindow "Our fans have been waiting for something like this to surface for sometime and for that I'm very grateful to Todd Bell, AKSOUL and Ferret for giving us the opportunity to finally put out our very first DVD. This is for the ears and eyes of the interested, for the fans who have been there through thick and thin!"

Look for Underneath A Northern Sky to hit stores October 27, 2009!